This year we were made aware that there is a new component of Eduphoria called Eduphoria Online Testing (new to use at MWISD at least). Thank you to Travis Elem for asking us this morning how the student logon IDs for it work and how can we make it as easy as possible for students to use.

Here is how your students will log on to use Eduphoria Online Testing:

  1. In Classlink, click the app called “Eduphoria Online Testing” .
  2. The first time only, a password locker box will appear asking for the ‘student ID’.
    In Eduphoria, the student ID they are using is not the student’s network logon (ex: bobjones) but is their student #/lunch # (ex:123456).
  3. It will not ask for a password. The password is automatically being applied in the background by Classlink.

After the student does step #2 once, they will just click the app icon in Classlink and be logged on automatically. Students can only log on to the Eduphoria Online Testing using the app in Classlink.