CommonLit has made it easier for teachers and students to access and use their system. If you use it, we encourage people to change to this improved access method at your convenience.

What is CommonLit: CommonLit delivers high-quality, free instructional materials to support literacy development for students in grades 3-12. It is already used by many teachers in MWISD.

What has changed: 

  • CommonLit is now set up to automatically roster classes for teachers and students in grades 3rd – 12th for classes in English, Social Studies, and Science.
  • For new or existing users of CommonLit, Clicking on the CommonLit icon in Classlink will automatically log a teacher or student (3rd-12th grades) into CommonLit and associate them with the right class. No need to worry about another ID and password.
  • Note: Any existing accounts for CommonLit will be integrated once the teacher uses Classlink the first time to access it. At that time the existing account will be integrated to the auto logon and rostering process and NOT duplicated.

How do I logon via Classlink:

  • When a teacher chooses to log on CommonLit through Classlink the first time, their classes and students are synced and rostered onto CommonLit. If that teacher already has a CommonLit account with classes, they are given the opportunity to match their CommonLit classes and students with their synced sections and students so that no data is lost.
  • Here is a short video that shows the matching experience for teachers that already have CommonLit classes and would like to sync and logon via Classlink OR Here is a step by step directions. 

Note: anytime it references Clever in the video or directions, just think Classlink. The Clever part happens in the background.